3D Sculpted Eyebrows

​For a natural, elegant look that will last a lifetime. Each individual hair stroke enhances your eyebrows for a fuller, more beautiful you. 

Relax. Rejuvenate.


Min​ Permanent Makeup & Day Spa

Microstroke Eyebrows

Individual hairstrokes perfectly placed to uniquely fill in your natural eyebrows.

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Reacquaint yourself with a familiar treatment or discover a new favorite with our array of services administered by our expert (licensed) staff.

Sea Salt Body Scrub

Walk away glowing with our infused dead sea salt body treatment.

3D Tightlining Eyeliner

​Enhance your eyes with this trick that will make your eyelashes look longer, fuller, and thicker.

Lightwave LED Therapy

Harness the power of light therapy to make your skin shine from within.

Diamond Peel Facial

A revolutionary treatment that exfoliates your skin, leaving it smooth and renewed